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JumpingJet Rainbow Flash II /DMX

Order no.: 50528
Total consumption: 20 W

The new generation of Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash combines functionality and virtually unlimited creative freedom. Now the Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash II can be arranged wet or dry.
The combination possibilities give the system an individual flair : The laminar water jet can also have cutting effects. The colour of the integrated RGB light can be freely selected. Now it is possible using only one rated voltage of 12V/AC and only one control box of DMX/RDM for illumination and mechanics.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Can be used indoors and outdoors with dry installation technology
• Surprising water features, dynamic parabola possible
• Precise, crystal clear water jets
• Jet diameter 18 mm
• Integrated illumination effects with strong RGB LED light
• Cut off function
• RDM – DMX capable (combine with WECS)
• Vibration free, quiet operation
• Extremely stable with or without floor anchoring
• Compact stainless steel design
• Sea water Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash II on request

Warranty: 1 year


Order no.: 50528
Dimensions: 530mmL x 390mmW x 660mmH
Light type: LED RGB multiple spotlights
Rated voltage mechanic and illumination: 12 V/AC
Total consumption: 20 W
Jet diameter: 18 mm
Max. water parapola laminar with light: 6 mm
Max. water parapola laminal: 7 mm
Max. pressure: 0.5 bar
Max. water depth: 250 mm
Vertical pivoting range: 45-90°C
Pressure side connection: Hose connection 1 ½”
Outflow side connection: Hose connection 2”
RDM – DMX connection: 1 box
Number of DMX channels: 8 channel, star number 1
Material: stainless steel 1.4301(AISI 304)
Weight: 50 kg
Environmental condition: submersible application : Water temperature: min 4°C to max : 35°C
Environmental cobdition: dry application : Ambient temperature: max. 30°C with natural convection, max. 40 with forced convection, no direct  sun exposure permitted


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