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Water hemisphere H 2500/73 E

Order no.: 51762
Dimensions: 2500Øx 1850H(mm)

The artistic water pattern that is generated by the sphere effect nozzles requires a lot of space in order to unfold its enchanting effect. It lends any location a very special attractive force, even from a distance.

The fountain attachments are primarily made of stainless steel which makes them attractive sculptures even if they are not spraying water.

However, their special flair unfolds once the fine waterveil escaping from the uniformly arranged noz-zles converges to form a gentle sphere.

Depending on size the spheres consist of a different number of nozzles. Operation of the spheres and hemispheres is even possible in strong wind in spite of the relatively fine water veil.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Sculptural, amazing water pattern
• Decorative stainless steel sculpture
• Extensively wind stable
• Water level independent

Warranty: 2 years


Order no.: 51762
Dimensions: 2500Ø x 1850H(mm)
zd: 73 pieces
DWB: 730 l/min
DDB: 1.1 bar
MBD: 3500 mm
DD: 1 x DN 65 mm
d1: 2500 mm
d2: 76 mm
d3: 475 mm
d4: 12 mm
h1: 100 mm
h2: 400 mm
h3: 600 mm
h4: 1850 mm
x1: 430 mm
x2: 123 mm
Material: Tombac / stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Weight: 100 kg


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