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Screen nozzle 30 x 10

Order no.: 58970a
Dimensions: 930Lx528Wx802H (mm)

The Water Screen Nozzle generates a projection screen made of water to display. It can be used a variety of media including Video and Lasers for special events.

The screen is a complete semicircle with 180° in different heights as a function of flow rate and pressure delivered by the pump system.

The nozzle creates a filmy water screen. This qualifies for projection of Laser, Video, Slide and Gobo (Graphical optical blackout) type of illumination. Based on the law of physics of light, the position of the nozzle should always be between the viewer and projector. Pump on request. Small Screen Nozzle 15 x 5 version on request.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Optimized nozzles for a 180° water screen
• Ideal for rear projection of videos and or lasers
• An extra flow regulation pipe is not necessary
• The gap of the nozzle defining the water film thickness can install individually

Warranty: 2 years


Order no.: 58970a
Water Screen Dimension: 30×10 m
Dimensions: 930L x 528W x 802H(mm)
DWB: 2500 L/min
DDB: 7 Bar
Material: Stainless steel
Weight with bracket: 95 kg



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Brochure: Screen nozzle 30 x 10 

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