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Rotating Nozzle 5-30 E

Order no.: 50473
Dimensions: 150Lx100Wx49H (mm)

Gracefully dancing fountains optimally enliven any water landscape and reach heights of up to 10 meters. Gentle rotating water patterns are generated by the recoil of the diagonally set nozzle pipes. With this rotating nozzle, 5 Comet nozzles that can be adjusted in all directions, rotate in a circle and creates a wide variety of wind stable water pattern.The ball bearing rotation mechanism ensures continuous trouble free operation.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Rotating screw shaped water pattern
• Precise full jets
• Water level independent

Warranty: 2 years


Order no.: 50473
Dimensions:  150Lx100Wx49H (mm)
Max. Fountain height:10 m
Material: stainless / Double coated brass
Weight: 17.5 kg


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Brochure: Rotating Nozzle 5-30 E

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