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Mylar Lace Typ FDSW22/MS

Order no.: 52218
Dimensions: 22Lx22Wx40H (mm)

OASE mylar lace fountain systems represent an interesting design element in fountain technology. As the water is running noiselessly and nearly without splashing downwards along the special mylar laces, many possible applications are possible.
Indoors the mylar lace fountain can divide a room or form a glittering curtain as an architectural feature.
OASE mylar fountains basically consist of a bottom water reservoir and a top water distribution system with a multitude of mylar nozzles and the corresponding number of adjustable transparent mylar laces. The water reservoir comprises the complete technology such as pump, overflow drain, freshwater refill, power supply, the mylar lace conduction plate and the underwater lights.
The OASE accessory program also offers other components like a water treatment with the installation of water softener, filtering and dosing plant.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Attractive design concept
• Remarkable room divider
• Effective room humidifier

Warranty: 2 years


Order no.: 52218
Dimensions: 22Lx22Wx40H mm
Water demand: 0.5 l/m
Material: Brass
Weight: 0.1 kg



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Brochure: Nozzle for Mylar Lace Typ FDSW22/MS

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