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Varionaut 270 DMX/02

Order no.: 40758
Power max: 380 W

The new high dynamic fountain pump Varionaut 270 / DMX / 02 closes the gap between the existing Varionaut 150 and Varionaut 365.This energy-efficient pump can be regulated and controlled via the integrated DMX RDM port. This enables easy creation of individual and dynamic water effects.

The Varionaut 270 / DMX / 02 is equipped with a 10 m power cable with plug and two inbuilt DMXRDM ports including capillary barrier. The pump is individually addressable and controllable. Other users (such as LED lights) which are connected to the second DMX-RDM port can be looped. The IP 68 waterproof, patented connection system eliminates the need of manual wiring. The installation is safer, easier and faster.

Product characteristics at a glance
• High dynamic fountain pump
• Individual controllable closed loop speed control via DMX with continuous flow rate
• 230 V AC pump for indoor and outdoor
• Suitable for wet or dry installation
• Power consumption max. 380 W
• Without initial current
• 10 m power cable with plug
• 2 DMX RDM ports (1 x input/ 1 x output) directly at the pump
• Frost protected up to -20 ° C
• IP 68 rated
• DMX-RDM capable The DMX/RDM controlled Varionaut pump sendsback information like temperature, rotation speed, voltage and runtime. The status requests of DMX/ RDM allow remote diagnosis and remote maintenance.

Warranty: 1 year


Order no.: 40758
Motor Type/Electronic :230V EC – Motor, DMX controlled (DMX-RDM enabled)
Hmax.:10 m
Qmax.:270 l/min
Power max.: 380 W
Nominal current: 1.9 A
Dynamic behavior speed: (time to reach full fountain height from 0-100%) with comet 5-8: 1 s
Qmin (offset mode – DMX 0 ): 10 l/min
Max. Powering up/min. Off time: 1 x perminute /10 s
Nominal voltage: 220-240,50/60 V/Hz
Immersion depth max.: 4 m
Protection class: IP68
Dimensiond incl. filter: 487 x 213 x 266 mm
Suction side connection: Thread G 1 ½ inch (external thread)
Pressure side connection: Thread G 1 ½ inch( external thread)
Weight: 12.2 Kg
Filter housing: Plastic /stainless steel 1.4301(AISI 304)
DMX connection: 2x(1x input/1xoutput)
Input power: 10m power cable with power box
Number of DMX channels: 2 channels (control channel, speed channel)
Emvironmental conditions: submersible Application: Water temperature: Min. 4 to max. 35°C
Emvironmental conditions: Ambient temperature : max. 30°C with natural convection, max. 40 with forced convection, no direct sun exposure permitted


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