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BT 15.0-125-4 IE3

Order no.: 45314
Dimensions: 1011Lx515Wx514H(mm)

BT block centrifugal pumps are strong, uncomplicated pumps that are used wher ever space is limited.

Thanks to their compact design they have very small space requirements. All dimensions and connections are DIN standard; this ensures universal implementation. BT block centrifugal pumps are normal suction centrifugal pumps in spiral housings for dry installation with a motor in accordance with IEC standards. They comprise few parts that are important for their function, which reduces maintenance work to a minimum.

The few maintenance tasks that are necessary are executed quickly and easily. Thanks to the low rpm the pumps are very quiet in operation and are more durable. The enclosed impeller is highly efficient.

The robust BT block centrifugal pumps are delivered as standard in grey cast iron. Upon request these pumps can also be delivered in special materials, such an impeller as bronze.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Dimensions and connections in accordance with DIN standards
• Motor in accordance with new IE3 – Technology
• Maintenance – free slide ring seal
• Enclosed impeller with high efficiency
• Dry installation only
• IP 55 rated

Warranty: 1 year


Order no.: 45314
Dimensions: 1011Lx515Wx514H mm
Power output: 15 KW
Current: 29.8 A
Voltage: 400V/YD Hz
Design: B35
DNs: 150 mm
DNd: 125 mm
a: 140 mm
a1: 350 mm
b1: 252 mm
b2: 294 mm
b4: 60 mm
d1: 15 mm
g: 312 mm
h1: 180 mm
h2: 355 mm
h3: 250 mm
i: 345 mm
l1: 831 mm
m1: 254 mm
m2: 300 mm
n1: 254 mm
n2: 300 mm
p1: 250 mm
x: 170mm
Ds: 285mm
ks: 240 mm
ds: 211 mm
ns: 8 mm
dLs: 23 mm
Dd: 250 mm
kd:210 mm
dd: 184 mm
nd: 8 mm
dLd: 19 mm
Weight: 245 Kg

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Brochure: BT 15.0-125-4 IE3

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