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WECS II 512 /DMX/02

order no.: 56491
Dimensions: 158Lx94Wx58H mm

The new WECS II controller generation is capable of bi-directional (DMX-RDM) communication. The WECS II 512/DMX/02 is the new standalone Entertainment-Controller for 512DMX/RDM-Channels, and the WECS II 1024/ DMX/02 is the new music standalone Entertainment-Controller for 1024 DMX/RDM-channels with audio file.
Product characteristics at a glance
• Incl. Software
• Entertainment server standalone
• Entertainment server standalone with audio (56492 WECS II 1024/DMX/02)
• 512 DMX-RDM output channels standalone
• 1024 DMX-RDM output channels standalone (56492 WECS II 1024/DMX/02)
• 1024 DMX-RDM channels as interface for WECS II 2048
• Freely programmable inputs and outputs for controlling, shows, wind anemometers, waterlevel sensors, protections etc.
• User-friendliness
• Visual patching

Warranty: 1 year


order no.: 56491
Dimensions: 158Lx94Wx58H mm
Weight: 0.33 kg
Housing: Polycarbonate Light grey/white/blue for top-hat rail mounting (35 mm DIN rail) or wall fastening
Protection class: IP20
Power supply: 15..24V DC/ 8W
Operation temperature: 0..40°C / 0..80% humidity non-condensed
Certification: CE
Outputs DMX-RDM: 512 DMX-RDM channels standalone
Outputs: 8 x Digital Out (Clamps 24V DC/ 1A max., optically isolated)
Inputs: 8 x Digital In (Clamps 24V DC., optically isolated)
Others connections: Ethernet RJ45 10/100Mbit
Memory: MicroSD-Card for Show-Files
Operation: 2 x 16 Segment LCD Display with 6 keys
Standaloneshows: WDS – Streamfile WDS-Streamfile & Audio file
Interface: 2 x 512 DMX-RDM channels for WECS II 2048 ( O – Net )
Scheduler: Full Day- / Week- / Yearplaner
Special: Windcontrolled (dimming) by external signal from Oase anemometer Mat.53913
Action: Manager Event Actions: Digital Inputs can be linked with actions (waterlevel, windspeed)
Software: WEPS (WECS II 512/1024) for Windows 7 or better


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Brochure : WECS II 512 /DMX/02

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