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Hotline: 84-918 099 856


Product characteristics at a glance
• Integrated webserver for DMX/RDM Controller
• Easy direct access and report of all controllable products
• 24/7 remote access
• Monitoring (properties): Input Status overview, Output Status overview, Wind speed, Faders, Volume, Scheduler Running, Show Running, Date, Time.
• RDM Parameter Basic Access: Basic-Access to Reset, identify DMX-Addresses
• Remote Access: Start Show from Auto-generated List/ Stop Show / Start Scheduler/ Stop Scheduler/ WECS-Configuration (Date/Time/IP).
• File upload: Show transfer, Project-Upload (Shows, Scheduler, Script) Firmware update

Warranty: 1 year

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Brochure : WECS II 512/1024 web server-extension

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