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LED Stripes

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The new LED-Stripe in RGB or white enables individual accentuation of water surfaces by indirect lighting of wall edges, overflows. They are IP68 waterproof and used underwater. The LED-Stripe enhances the scope of fountain illumination and combination of fountain colors and form of the existing range of LED lights. The special architectural features can be highlighted by the LED-stripes which gives the fountain an individual character. Running lines of homogeneous lights in the pool create magical effects and a variety of patterns.

The extremely versatile and customizable LED- Stripe is available in various lengths or special lengths. They can be bent freely in different directions (see sketch below) allowing for increased flexibility in design. The matching profiles which are used to fix the LED-Stripes are available in different materials depending on their application. The easy mounting with the prefixed profiles allows the LED-Stripe to integrate invisibly in the existing pool structure.

The RGB-LED stripe is connected to a DMX–driver which is supplied with it. Different lighting sequences or entire light shows can be created individually with a DMX controller (WECS II 512, 1024, 2048).


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