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AquaActiv BioKick fresh 500 ml


Order no.: 50562
Container size: 500 ml

Product characteristics
Like BioKick, however:
Combination of dry cultures and nutrient solution
Long lasting and highly active
Now ready to start after just 20 minutes through significantly increased number of bacteria
Maximum freshness; the microorganisms are activated just before use
Follow up dose is not required
Fast decomposition of ammonium/ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
Ideal for activating filter systems, particularly if there is fish stock
More than 1 billion active microorganisms?/?ml* *At the time of filling
Ideal for ponds with moderate fish stock
Sufficient decomposition capacities in the filter within 2 weeks
Contents: 450 ml nutrient solution + 50 ml bacteria concentrate
Wakes up the biology in the filter in the spring or for a new start
More than 1 billion microorganisms?/?ml*
Full capacity of the pond filter within 1-2 weeks


Order no.: 50562
Container size: 500 ml
Suitable for ponds up to max.: 10 m3
Optimal supplements: Safe&Care, OptiPond


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