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ProfiSkim Premium

Order no.: 51185
Pedestal footprint: 500Lx340W (mm)

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Leaves, and particles deposited on the water surface by wind are a risk to the biological equilibrium in a body of water. OASE skimmers powerfully and effectively pull these pollutant particles off of the surface and into the collection basket. Thus pollutants can be removed from the eco system of the body of water before they harm the eco system.

ProfiSkim 100 for water surface cleaning spares you the bothersome task of mechanically cleaning surface pollutants. This stationary skimmer is impressive with an easy-to-operate cleaning unit and generously dimensioned 12-litre collection basket.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 65 m² or up to 80 m²
• Ideal implementation in shallow water zones
• Can be used in gravity fed operation (DN 110) or pump fed operation (incl. 2′ adapter)
• Water routing for effective suction capacity
• Perfect supplement for filter systems in the gravity fed, as well as the pump fed system
• Large, easy to clean stainless steel basket with 8 mm mesh width. On request, a debris basket with 2 mm mesh width is available for the ProfiSkim Premium.
• ProfiSkim Premium with stable stainless steel base for even easier installation

Warranty: 1 year


Order no.: 51185
Pedestal footprint: 500Lx340W (mm)
Height min.: 350 V/Hz
Height max.: 530 V/Hz
Installation depth max.: 530W
Connection: 2”, DN 110
Pipe reduction: 2kg
Recommended flow rate (Gravitation): 6000 -12000
Recommended flow rate (pumped): 6000 – 16000
Filter basket volume: 7.00
Max. pond surface: 65
Weight: 10.00


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