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Vulcan 300/19-8 Silver

Order no.: 50977
Dimensions: 300Ø x 256H (mm)

Whether small spray fountain or large water features, Vulcan nozzles generate a bundle of jets from 0.5 to 15 meters in height that fall in multiple stages. In this configuration the individual jets remain clear and relatively stable in wind.

Product characteristics at a glance
• Attractive multistage water pattern
• Precise full jets that are stable in wind
• Fountain height is continuously adjustable
• With Komet nozzles jet angles can be adjusted as well individually (Vulcan 300/19-8 Silver)
• Water level independent
• Easy to clean

Warranty: 2 years


Order no.: 50977
Dimensions: 300Ø x 256H(mm)
Fountain height: 3-15 m
Material: stainless steel Double Coated Brass
Weight: 18.5 kg



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Brochure: Vulcan 300/19-8 Silver

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